Building A Powerful Left In The United States series on KPFK

Building a Powerful Left in the United States" is a special radio series focusing on the questions: How can a powerful left-wing political movement take shape in the United States? What policies and programs would such a “left” promote? How would it articulate and spread its message, so that it gains a critical mass of support across the US population? And how do we build such a movement? Hear prominent authors, intellectuals, and activists in conversation around the big questions for our times. The series includes interviews with Professor Wolff,  Norman Solomon, Ralph Nader, Cornel West, and Noam Chomsky.

On this show, we hone in on the economic crisis.  In obvious ways, the fact of the crisis provides ample opportunity and opening for the revival of the Left here in the United States and across the world – and yet, this has not the case.  And in particular,  there seems to be a dearth of ideas being put forward by the Left as how to respond to the economic crisis.

Is this so? Is there really such a dearth?  Or is it that they simply aren’t getting a hearing in the mainstream media? Today we’ll hear from economists Robert Brenner, L. Randall Ray, Richard Wolff, and Dean Baker.

Building A Powerful Left In The United States series on KPFK

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