Annual Intensive Introduction to Marxism at the Brecht Forum

July 29, 2012 - 15:00 - 17:00

Please note: Professor Wolff will be speaking at the following event on Sundy July 29 from 3 - 5pm

July 27, 9 - 5:30pm: 3 DAY SEMINAR BEGINS
July 26, 6:30pm: Opening Discussion & Orientation
All That Is Solid Melts Into Air
Annual Intensive Introduction to Marxism

“The Working Class has nothing to lose but their chains... They have a world to Win”
- Marx and Engels The Communist Manifesto

The call of Marx and Engels in the Communist Manifesto echoes today in the streets of Montreal, New York City, Athens, Paris, Dakar, Mexico City, Barcelona and other cities around the world. While capital is on the offensive imposing austerity, the working class is coming into being with self activity in the streets. The factories, schools, streets corners are part of a shifting ground between the working majority (99%) and the 1% of big business.

The Brecht Forum’s annual Summer Intensive is designed as an introduction to the theoretical and practical traditions that trace their origins to the works of Karl Marx and Frederich Engels. In laying bare the inner workings of the capitalist system of wealth production and distribution, Marx and Engels laid the basis for theoretical explorations into every area of human activity from art criticism to the environment. As the current crisis deepens and the state finds itself deploying more of the public wealth to save private capital, people are demanding answers that respect their intelligence and get to the root of the problem.

Through lectures, readings and lively discussion, in an adamantly open-minded environment, participants will be introduced to Karl Marx' revolutionary critique of capitalism--not to find a ready-made blueprint for change, nor a dogma that excludes other traditions, but for tools of analysis that can help us to think more strategically and act more effectively.

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