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  • Recovery hype: American Capitalism's Weapon of Mass Distraction

    This article originally appeared at The Guardian.

    From President Obama on down, defenders of the status quo insist that the US economy has "recovered" or "is recovering". Some actually see the world that way. They inhabit, imagine they inhabit, or plan to soon inhabit the world of the infamous top 1%. Others simply seek security in life by loyally repeating whatever that 1% is saying.

  • Economic Update: Workers Fight Back

    Updates on big FED decisions; Yale and other rich folks; Polish, Colombian and Greek workers fight back; and taxpayers subsidize WalMart. Interview Sarah Jaffe on low paid US workers mobilizing. Response to listeners on (1) Michigan take-over of Pontiac and impact on all workers and (2) new statistics show "recovery" has only been for top 1%.

  • Economic Update: Small vs. Big Business

    Update on fast-food CEO pay, lost output from Great Recession, US healthcare overcharging explained, Treasury Secretary Paulson explains his deference to bankers, and the 1% US poorest. Major discussions on differences and conflicts between big and small businesses in capitalism and how Marxian economics differs from Neoclassical and Keynesian economics.

  • Organized Labor's Decline in the US Is Well-Known. But What Drove It?

    This article originally appeared at The Guardian.

    Organized labor's decline in the US over the past half century is well-known; what drove that decline, less so. The New Deal's enemies – big business, Republicans, conservatives – had developed a coordinated strategy by the late 1940s. They would break up the coalition of organized labor, socialist and communist parties: the mass base that had forced through the 1930s New Deal. Then each coalition member could be individually destroyed.

  • Economic Update: Religion and Class Economics

    Updates on billionaires buying newspapers, the bad news in latest US jobs report, IMF proposals for Spain's economic crash, and a progressive new bill in the US Senate. Interview with Theology Professor Joerg Rieger on religion, class, and capitalism. Response to listeners: recognition of extraordinary leadership by Mayor Gayle McLaughlin of Richmond, CA.

    On Economic Update with Professor Richard Wolff, Wolff and guests will discuss the current state of the economy, both locally and globally in relation to the economic crisis.

  • RT CrossTalk: Class Globalization


    Richard Wolff joins RT's Peter Lavelle and Mark Levine on "CrossTalk." What does a globalized middle class mean for global capitalism? Has the system actually reformed itself since the 2008 slump? And, does the world have the resources to accommodate the demands of the rising middle class?

  • How Capitalism's Great Relocation Pauperized America's 'Middle Class'

    This article originally appeared at The Guardian.


  • From Detroit to Honduras and Back: Capitalists Immigrate To Usurp Rights

    This article originally appeared at Daily Kos' Anti-Capitalist Meetup.

  • How Class Works


  • The Truth About Profits (blog)

      The truth about profits in the US is simple. Ed Dolan’s recent piece in Seeking Alpha contains a graph that makes it all too clear.   

    First, its clear that profits as a percentage of total US GDP have recovered from the crash of 2008. Unemployment may still be over 50% higher than it was in 2007, and real wages may be below what they were then, and the benefits and security of jobs may have fallen, but profits have come back. And with them the stock markets. Hence also the upbeat talk about “recovery” yet again.

  • Marx’s Revenge: How Class Struggle Is Shaping the World


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