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  • What the next economy should look like, the value of growth, the intellectual property battles

    We’ll discuss what the next phase of the economy should look like after the recovery is over. We’ll debate the value of growth — whether raw economic growth is, in itself, a good thing, or whether a happy, sustainable future with broad prosperity for all is possible without constant growth. And we’ll examine the major battles in Silicon Valley over intellectual property, likely to be one of the bulwarks of the next economy.

    Joining Chris at 8 AM ET on MSNBC will be:

  • An Evening in Harlem

      Since 2006 our mission at Black Agenda Report has been to challenge the current crop of black political and cultural misleaders with a vision of a new black politics of struggle, one that takes into account class differences among blacks so as to confont the prison state, and deal with the many other oppressive aspects of everyday black life which our misleaders ignore.     On Friday, October 12 most of the Black Agenda Report team gathered at Harlem's historic Riverside Church to celebrate our sixth anniversary. We were joined by Dr.
  • Ghost of the New Deal Haunts Democrats' Agenda, but It's Time to Summon FDR

    The article first appeared on

    Obama and most Democrats are so dependent on contributions and support from business and the rich that they dare not discuss, let alone implement, the kinds of policies Roosevelt employed the last time US capitalism crashed.

  • Paul Krugman: Shame on You (Blog)

      Today’s New York Times column by Paul Krugman achieves a new low. "Good news" for workers? Wow. Maybe ignoring criticisms of Keynesian economics from the left all these years has made Krugman see no need to deal with them; after all his job now seems to be to attack the Republicans for Mr Obama's benefit.   Lets see; as important as having a job - and we are not yet even half way from the crisis peak of 10% unemployment back to the pre-crisis outrage of 5% unemployment - is what kind of job.
  • Economic Update: "Class Warfare"

    Updates on public pensions crisis and megabanks' massive failures. Interview: NYU Prof. Juan Flores on class warfare in the US. Responses to listeners on federal subsidies of big banks and on varieties of capitalism.

    On Economic Update with Professor Richard Wolff, Wolff and guests will discuss the current state of the economy, both locally and globally in relation to the economic crisis.

  • Romney: 'Restoring the promise of America'

    This show originally appeared on Aljazeera's website.

    "All of this is so much theatre designed to win the election. And what comes later will depend on the pressures and the realities .... Then we are left with a Mr Romney, where we have no idea where he actually is going to go and that may well be because he doesn't either."

    - Richard Wolff, a professor of economics at University of Massachusetts-Amherst

  • On The Charlie Rose Show


        A sure sign of the changing counsciousness and a growing presence of an economic analysis systemically counter to the mainstream. I joined David Harvey in speaking with Charlie Rose this week.
  • Economics as Sleaze (Blog)

      The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), even as a Murdoch project, ought to know and do better than its lead opinion piece on “Tax Fairness” (July 23, 2012, p. A13). The gross pandering to right-wing self-delusion accomplished there by Ari Fleischer would win any economics student a well-deserved failing grade. The piece purports to interpret a recent Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report, “The Distribution of Household Income and Federal Taxes, 2008 and 2009 “.
  • Precarious Jobs: The Economics and Psychology of Insecure Work (Podcast)

      Secure, stable jobs gave way to precarious employment over recent decades - and especially during the crisis that started in 2007. Precarious work has dubious benefits for employers and imposes huge economic costs on society and huge human costs on most working people. Precarity exposes capitalism's irrationality and shows the importance of non-capitalist alternatives like the workers' cooperatives organized in Spain's Mondragon Corporation.
  • 'Let Fury Have the Hour'

      Let Fury Have the Hour, directed, written, and produced by Antonino D’Ambrosio. (USA) – World Premiere, Documentary. A generation of artists used their creativity as a response to the reactionary politics that came to define our culture in the 1980s. This dynamic and exhilarating documentary brings together more than 50 big-name musicians, writers, artists, and thinkers to trace a momentous social history from the cynical heyday of Reagan and Thatcher to today—and impart a message of hope.
  • Are Obama & Romney Different on Economic Policy?

    Interview originally appeared on The David Pakman show

    Richard Wolff joins David Pakman to weigh in on the real differences between President Obama's and Mitt Romney's respective economic policy proposals, and explains the reality of tax cuts and stimulus spending.

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