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Economic Update: Myths of Capitalist Efficiency

Updates on Maya Angelou, Chilean students' victory, uneven = no recovery, Detroit's plan to demolish 40,000 houses, and housing market realities. Major discussions on (1) international movement of economics students challenging curricula and teachers, and (2) economics of advertising

Economic Update: Fake Competition, Real Cooperation

Updates on evaluating privatization of public schools, engineers' class action against Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe, and US homeownership gives way to renting. Major discussions of big movement into worker coops in Cuba, different experience of Yugoslavia, and requiring departing corporations to pay back for publicly funded gifts received. Response to listener question on self-employment.

Better than Redistributing Income

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Economic Update: Yet More Big Bank Misdeeds

Updates on US sanctions against Putin aides, relative decline in US median disposable income, stunning "accounting error" by Bank of America, and clever manipulation of US regulators by 15 biggest US banks. Major discussions of declines in discount stores reflecting absence of mass recovery, successes and growth of worker coops in Spain's deep economic crisis. Response to listener question on reverse mortgages and declining quality of jobs in US.

Economic Update: Corporations, Wages and Jail

Updates on no growth in US, China overtakes US, costs of GM bailout, defeat of bill to raise minimum wage while Hawaii raises its minimum. Major discussions of Pfizer decision to relocate to UK, European Court supports Tobin (financial transactions) Tax  and the stunning economics of prisons and jails in the US.

Economic Update: Shameful Economics

Updates on Alabama prison/slave labor, automobile irrationalities, and the California drought. Major discussions of: cutting public employee pensions, cutting state support for public higher education, and lotteries as disguised taxes on middle and poor Americans. Responses to listener questions on the Federal Reserve "creating" money and why corporations operate overseas and then want government (taxpayers') support for corporations' foreign operations.

Beyond Piketty’s Capital: Richard Wolff Warns us Not to Band-Aid Capitalism

This audio originally appeared at WASHINGTON (VR)— Perhaps the biggest event in the intellectual history of the young twenty-first century is Thomas Piketty’s new treatise, Capital in the Twenty-First Century.

Interview with RoosterGNN: Is Capitalism Digging Its Own Grave?

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Economic Update: Culture and Economics

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Updates on public power in Nebraska, Earth Day, Coca Cola's misleading advertisement, closing hospitals. Interview on culture and economic crisis with musician and music professor John Halle. Responses to listener questions on B- corporations and on a Wall Street Sales Tax.

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