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Going Beyond Private Versus Public

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Economic Update: Mainstream vs Critical Economics

Updates on Mexican farm exploitation, Grenoble takes down advertising, US teachers underpaid, and cutting workers' pensions. Responses to listeners on Harvard and Yale as full participants in capitalism's defects. Analyzing modern "economics" as a discipline from Adam Smith to Karl Marx and since.

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Professor Wolff on The Real News Network: "Capitalism's Stunning Contradiction"

Professor Wolff says every capitalist tries to systematically reduce wages, then can't sell what those wage workers have produced.

Transcripts below.

Professor Wolff on The Real News Network: "The State of Workers' Wages around the World"

Economist Richard Wolff compares the stagnation of wages in the U.S. for the past 30 years to the increase in wages in emerging markets and explains why capital left America.

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The Wages of Global Capitalism

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Economic Update: Labor and Unions

Updates on Ferguson and Portland as symptoms of economic decline, critic rejections of profit-driven business, Sen. Bernie Sanders for worker coops, homeless in New York City, and rising political lefts in Greece, Spain and now Ireland. Responses to listeners on supply-demand economics and "capturing" government regulators. Interview with Steve Early, activist and author, on the present and future of US labor movement.

Richard Wolff on The Real News Network: "Employment Upswing Not Here to Stay"

Professor Wolff on The Real News Network explains how the holiday season places folks in temporary, low-paid jobs that keep the economy in a fragile state.

Costs of Global Capitalism

The International Labor Organization (ILO) just released a report on December 5, 2014 ( sharply exposing what the development of global capitalism means and costs. Here are its key conclusions:

1. Real wage growth slowed again in 2013 (to 2% per year), remaining below pre-crisis rates of wage increase that averaged about 3%. 

Economic Update: Economics of Private Property

Updates on unpaid internships, extreme wealth, and economic perceptions. Response to listener questions on real economics of public pensions and of home refinancing. In depth analyses of private property and income and of economic regulation vs system change.

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