Transcript of Glenn Beck Interview from May 2008

  Below is an excerpt of an interview with Glenn Beck from May 15th, 2008. We discussed, and agreed upon, the loop holes that allow Harvard and Yale to save millions each year by not paying taxes.   Transcript from CNN.com. "Palestinians Supporting Obama; Hypocrisy with Religion and Campaigns?; Polar Bears Declared a Threatened Species" Show aired May 15th, 2008.   BECK: "I wrote a column today on CNN.com about the top five college university endowments in America.

Economic Update online only for the month of May

  The weekly radio program, Economic Update will not air on WBAI for the month of May, but new shows will still be posted each Saturday here on the website and will be linked to the Facebook page. Shows will begin airing as regular in June.

Economic Update - Keynesian vs. Marxian Economics

Slightly different format divides today's program into two parts. Part 1 deals with how and why government take-over of private corporations need not be and often is not "socialism" and why it is often done to strengthen private capitalists.

Radical Economist Richard Wolff Has a Prescription for the Struggling Economy

  Our guest today is a professor emeritus of economics at the University of Massachusetts Richard Wolff. He's in high demand these days as a guest on radio and television see:. He and David Barsamian have written a new book called OCCUPY THE ECONOMY: CHALLENGING CAPITALISM. And he joins us now to talk about the recession, reviving the middle class, Wall Street and yesterday's May Day protests.   Listen to the show

On Thom Hartmann's Big Picture

  So what's the big picture to today's events? Yes, there's enormous wealth inequality. Yes, the economy still isn't producing wealth for the vast majority of us. Yes, there's Wall Street still making huge profits off screwing over customers. Yes, students are saddled with a trillion dollars in loans. But WHY is all of this happening? Absent of the political will to do this - how will it get done? Through mass rallies like we're seeing today? OR do things have to get really badHere with some answers is Prof.

In Conversation with Smiley & West

  Richard Wolff offers his alternative perspective on the Great Recession and democracy in the workplace.   You can listen to the show by clicking the play button on this page.

Occupy the Airwaves Interview

103.3FM WXOJ-LP Northampton, MA. Covering the local, national and global Occupy Movement.   Interview with author and professor Richard Wolff of New School and the University of Massachusetts Amherst and author of "Occupy the Economy"

Economic Update on WBAI Apr 28th, 2012

Updates on major US banks invading the payday loan, small loan loan and prepaid credit card businesses for big profits; French presidential election results undermining European austerity regimes; and US growth rate declining to anemic 2.2%. Interview Sarah Jaffee, labor editor for AlterNet.org on Occupy Wall Street, Mayday demonstrations, and student debt crisis. Response to listener on alternative transitions from capitalist to worker self-directed enterprises.

Tune in every Saturday at noon on WBAI 99.5fm or listen in live online here.

Thom Hartmann Interview - The Next Economic Disaster

Professor Wolff speaks with Thom Hartmann about the crisis in Europe: austerity, elections, job layoffs, suicides, trickle-down economics. Segmant begins at 30:50.

Marx Today

Since the onset of global crisis in recent years, academics and economic theorists from various political and cultural backgrounds have been drawn to Marx's analysis of the inherent instability of capitalism. The rediscovery of Marx is based on his continuing capacity to explain the present.

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