What if the Greek economy is brought to a total collapse?

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Professor Richard Wolff, New School University NYC joins Thom Hartmann. Depending on the outcome of this week's election - Greece may soon be departing from the Euro - and facing an even greater financial crisis. Would this be the best move for the Greeks - or is there another way for them to save their economy & rebuild their nation? And what happens to the rest of Europe if the Greek economy is brought to a total collapse?

Lost Elections' Strategic Lessons for Workers' Movements Everywhere

This article originally appeared on Truthout's website

Economic Update - Fading "Recovery"

  Updates on cut public services and business vs consumer debts. Analysis of (1) resumed economic downturn and (2) irony that unions and left allies "saved" capitalism in 1930s but don't now. Question on unemployment measures and debates.   On Economic Update with Professor Richard Wolff, Wolff and guests will discuss the current state of the economy, both locally and globally in relation to the economic crisis.We will focus on wages, jobs, taxes, and debts - and on interest rates, prices, and profits.

America No Longer The Land of Opportunity? RT TV Interview

This video originally appeared on RT-America.

Progressive Radio News Hour Interview

This audio recording originally appeared on the Progressive Rado Network's website.

Award-winning journalist Stephen Lendman hosts a cutting-edge program featuring distinguished guests daily discussing major world and national issues in depth.

Economic Update - A Successful Worker Co-op Examined

Updates on Montreal students fighting tuition hikes, global economic slowdown (again) and Spain's bank crisis, and big pay for CEOs of top financiers. Analyses of (1) Wisconsin and California elections, and (2) huge Mondragon cooperative corporation.

Class Warfare (Alternative Radio Podcast)

This article originally appeared on the Guernica website.

Economic Update - Interview with Dr. Harriet Fraad

Updates on grim US employment data released June 1, how Europe experiences global capitalist crisis differently in Greece, Spain and Germany, and how "parental leave" in US jobs lags all other advanced countries. Interview Dr Harriet Fraad on fast increase of US adults living alone: causes and consequences economically and psychologically. Responses to questions on Spain, US student debt, economic collapse.

Economic Update - Government Subservience to Business

Updates on Providence, RI cuts of retired city workers' pensions and tax exemption for Brown University; on joblessness and unemployment for recent college grads; and on the thriving communist mayor and town of Marinaleda, Spain. Major discussions of how and why enterprises buy political influence with examples from Hollywood producers and the ATT Corp. Responses to questions about the Tobin Tax on financial transactions and on how and why national debts have serious economic consequences.

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