WSDEs: A New Strategy for Labor and the Left

  We are overdue for a new strategy. Labor and the left are at low points in long decline processes. One cause of that decline has been adherence to a failed strategy, something admitted by AFL-CIO chief Richard Trumka early in 2013.

On implications of Cyprus

Brian Edwards-Tiekert interviews Professor Wolff on Up Front on KPKA about the recent deposit tax proposal and its implications for the rest of the world.

Listen on KPFA's player at this link

Capitalism efficient? We can do so much better

originally appeared in the Guardian


Economic Update: Guest Victor Wallis

Professor Wolff is joined by Victor Wallis to discuss ecology and economics comparing capitalist and socialist responses to environmental crisis.

Economic Update: Capitalism, Critiques and Alternatives

Updates on defeats for Walmart, recovery for the tiny minority, Qatar royalty buys, and European moves to limit exec pay and tax financial transactions.

Austerity: Another "Policy Mistake" Again

  Capitalism prescribes the same policy mistakes over and over again - austerity, punishment for debtors (unless they are financial institutions), labor cost cutting – that exacerbate its inevitable crises. When will we attack the structural roots of crisis?   Shoddy political theater distracts people with vague demons called debt ceiling, fiscal cliff and now, sequester. Party leaders posture for major donors, media boosters and the faithful. They claim to save us from the demons.

Is capitalism "American"?

  Pete Dominick presses Professor Wolff on his Sirus radio program Stand Up!

Building WSDEs: Strategies and Alliances

Among those persuaded of the value of Worker Self-Directed Enterprises (WSDEs) and

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