Marxian Economics

This course provides a working foundation in the core concepts of Marxian economic theory – necessary and surplus labor, labor power, surplus value, exploitation, capital accumulation, distributions of the surplus, capitalist crises, and the differences between capitalist and other class structures. In addition, these core concepts will be systematically used to understand current social problems (including political and cultural as well as economic problems).

Prof. Wolff on RT TV's Boom Bust

RT TV's Boom Bust asks Prof. Wolff where he thinks the US economy is headed. Wolff gives his take on why, despite apparently good jobs numbers, many in the US believe the economy remains fragile. 

Global Capitalism: January 2015 Monthly Update

Monthly Economic Update:  Co-sponsored by Democracy at Work, Left Forum, and Judson Memorial Church “The Economics of a New Year” Judson Memorial Church Assembly Hall 239 Thompson Street at Washington Square, Manhattan These programs begin with 30 minutes of short updates on important economic events of the last month. Then Wolff analyzes several major economic issues. For this January 14, these will include: 1. Causes and consequences of the oil price collapse: can it produce another crash? 2. Greece: if Jan.

Going Beyond Private Versus Public

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Economic Update: Mainstream vs Critical Economics

Updates on Mexican farm exploitation, Grenoble takes down advertising, US teachers underpaid, and cutting workers' pensions. Responses to listeners on Harvard and Yale as full participants in capitalism's defects. Analyzing modern "economics" as a discipline from Adam Smith to Karl Marx and since.

Links for radio program are posted below:

The Fall of the Berlin Wall and the Failures of Actually Existing Economic Systems

Pedestrians stroll past remnants of the Berlin Wall. (Photo: Das-A)

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Richard D. Wolff - "Our Economic Futures: Can Democracy Cure Capitalism?" - Otterbein University

The Otterbein University Department of History and Political Science Speaker Series presents Richard D. Wolff on "Our Economic Futures: Can Democracy Cure Capitalism?"

Marxian Economics vs Capitalism with Professor Richard D. Wolff

Do we have true capitalism? What exactly is Marxism, and why does it exist? Most Americans have a knee-jerk reaction against Marxism, but is it fully justified to not even speak of it? What political histories and structures are compatible with different economic systems? Is there a positive role Marxism has taken in national and world economies?

Avowed capitalist Cenk Uygur discusses these questions and much more with Professor Richard D. Wolff.

Economic Update: "Private Profit vs Social Benefit"

Updates on my Bill Maher appearance, the Arizona execution, direct actions in Seattle and in New England (market basket stores), Derek Jeter tickets, and Chinese meat scandal. Major discussions of Obama's low polls, the changing meaning of socialism, and differences between private profit and social well-being. Response to listeners on auto and beef industries, credit unions, and bullies.

超越经济决定论马克思主义 木 "Marxism and Overdetermination"

提 要 关 键词 本文 主要 就两种马 克思 主义 理论 —— 传统马克思 主义与 超越经济 决定论 马克思 主义—— 在 历史上及在 当前反对资本主义的斗争中的主要 理论与政 治后 果进行对 比。本文支 持的 超越经济决定论马克思主义继马克思之后 ,再次将消灭 阶级剥 肖0(从生产 剩余价值 的劳动 力的角度出发)提上左派社会变革议程 。同是 以消灭剥 削为 目标 ,传统马克 思主义 致力于 消灭生产资料私有制并赋权于工人 ;而 超越经济 决定论马克思主义却通过对剩余价值 的生 产与分配进行重组来实现这一目标。本文将解释二者 同归却殊途的原 因。本文试 图说 明 , 为了实现一种 新的阶级民主 ,超越经济 决定论 马克思 主义缘何有 利于 重建社 会 ,以及 以何 种 途 径 实 现 这 一 目 标 。 马克思主义 超越经济决定论 剥削 资本主义 阶级 中图分 类号 lB17 译 者信 息 I女,1986年生,浙江大学思想政治理论教学科研部博士研究生,310028。 即使 已过 去 了那 么 多 年 ,如今 还 存 在 着 许 多对 马 克思 和 马 克思 主义 的理 论 阐 释 ,甚 至 新 的解释 还 在 不 断 涌现 ,这 多少 让 人 有 些 惊 喜 。

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