The Economic Crisis

Articles about the recession and financial crisis that began in late 2007.

Prof. Wolff on The Real News Network: "U.S. Workers Returning to Labor Force with Part-time Jobs and Stagnant Wages"

Prof. Wolff discusses with Jessica Desvarieux of The Real News Network the latest unemployment figures, and says the raising of interest rates by the Federal Reserve during a weak recovery would be disastrous for our heavily indebted society.

TRANSCRIPTS JESSICA DESVARIEUX, TRNN PRODUCER: Welcome to The Real News Network. I'm Jessica Desvarieux in Baltimore.

Economic Update: Economic Decline and Growing Resistance

Updates on taxis vs Uber vs driver coops, an apology on Detroit, International Womens Day, and cutting workers' compensation. Response to listeners on the economics of debts, past and present. Major discussions of (1) resisting economic decline: Minnesota governor, Emma Thompson and Pope Francis, (2) Wisconsin governor presides over economic decline, and (3) extremes of economic inequality.

Jubilee, Denial and Beyond

This article originally appeared in the latest issue of Perspectives, KCL Economics Society Journal.



WPFW - FM 89.3 - Washington, DC interviews Prof. Wolff

Prof. Wolff talks to David Rabin of WPFW, a Pacifica station in Washington, DC about his recent Truthout article on a class analysis of the lessons we need to learn from past revolutions.

Economic Update: It's the system...

Updates on German anti-capitalism, student debt default, credit card economics and unregulated chemicals. Response to listeners on pension scandals and Harvard economic research.

Economic Update: Free Enterprise System Defects

Updates on Europeans' struggles against austerity policies. Response to questions on how workers' self-directed enterprises  solve various problems (especially financing and different skill levels). In depth critical discussion of 'free enterprise' and the free enterprise system.

Community Progressive Radio Interviews Prof. Wolff

CPR News interviews Prof. Wolff about the current situation in Greece, Syriza and the economic issues facing Europe.

"The Game is Rigged"

ACLU SoCal, L.A. Progressive and Occidental College hosted Prof. Wolff for a discussion on economic rights and reform, on February 10, 2015 at Occidental College.

Class, Change and Revolution

This article originally appeared at

SEPTEMBER 17, 2012- Occupy Wall Street protesters gather for the one year anniversary of their movement's beginning. (Photo: Glenn Halog)

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