The Economic Crisis

Articles about the recession and financial crisis that began in late 2007.

Ekonomik Kriz, Radikal Demokrasiyi Gündemleştiriyor!*

“İş’te Demokrasi” (Democracy at Work) kitabınızda ekonomik demokra- sinin günümüzdeki temellerini kuruyorsunuz. İşyerinde çalışanların daha  fazla artı değere el koyması ya da bu yönde talebi olması bu anlamda ne ka- dar önemlidir? Bu durum kapitalizmin tahkimi sonucunu doğurmaz mı?  Daha da önemlisi bu durum orta sınıfın kapitalizme daha fazla dahil edil- mesine yol açmaz mı?

Obama's Economic Significance

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Economic Update: Subsidizing Corporations

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Economic Update: Capitalism and Its Costs

Updates on Delta Airlines changes, US millionaires in office, irrational student debt, and Rupert Murdoch's wealth. Major discussions of monopoly and competition in media industry, public employee pension economics, and Obama's economic significance.

Enterprise Structure Is Key to the Shape of a Post-Capitalist Future

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Richard Wolff talks about "The Shape of a Post-Capitalist Future," his entry in the new anthology Imagine: Living in a Socialist USA, and his conviction that making the transition from capitalism to socialism requires a deliberate critique of capitalist workplace organization.

Leslie Thatcher for Truthout: What motivated you to choose (of all things!) "corporate structure" in your search for a "powerful, attractive and credible vision of socialism?"

The David Pakman Show Interview: Right-Wingers Favor Wealth Redistribution

Profesoor Wolff joins David Pakman to discuss redistribution of wealth and stock markets

Economic Update: This System Does not Work

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Updates on Olympics, Chicago university faculty strike, Chevron's contempt, Gallup poll on unemployment, rising consumer debt again, Europeans oppose privatization of water, and US adults marry less to cope with economy. Major discussions: how Soviet socialism actually worked and decline and inadequacy of pensions in US. Response to listeners on deflation in today's world economy.

A Lesson From Chattanooga

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“…we’re outraged by politicians and outside special interest groups interfering…” – UAW Secretary-Treasurer Dennis Williams

Economic Update: The Death of the Middle Class

Updates on polls showing most Americans want less inequality, why Tea Party types fixate on government debt, and why French and other far right parties gain support. Major discussion on US business recognizing death of middle class, the contradictions of Germany's position within Europe's economic crisis, and Part 1 of analysis of what USSR was. Response to listeners on why official unemployment targets are 4-6.5 % rather than feasible and better 0-0.5 %

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Global Capitalism February Monthly Economic Update

Updates on major economic developments since December:  Obama's minimum wage policy, the Federal Reserve's "tapering policy" and the new Janet Yellen leadership,  slowdowns in China and the emerging markets, and Thomas Piketty's new book Capital in the 21st Century on capitalism and inequality. Major discussion of the chief causes and social effects of increasingly unequal wealth and income distributions, and the myth of returning manufacturing jobs in the US.

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