Commentary on MMT (modern monetary theory)?

Could you please offer your opinions and/or commentary on MMT (modern monetary theory), Hyman Minsky, Warren Mosler, Stephanie Kelton, Randall Wray, Bill Mitchell, etc. and how this explanation of monetary systems might relate to economic democracy and socialism.

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  • commented 2016-12-31 16:36:14 -0500
    I’m in 100% that I would like Prof. Wolff to discuss (perhaps at one of his Globalism Capitalism lectures in NYC? Or on Economic Update?) his views on MMT in the line of S. Kelton, W. Black, and Wray.
    I get the feeling his view will be that this is really just an attempted fix of the capitalist system, still, but serious MMT even argues that taxes aren’t really necessary the way we conceive of them.
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    I’d like to learn about this too, though i don’t see it as a response to capitalism but more of a way of trying to make it work for many more people and a way of propping it and keeping it alive. So only cautiously would i think it as a tool of transition, otherwise it will only help perpetuate the stronghold of the few.
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